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Today looking professional includes a consistent image on the internet. Your email address looks a lot better with instead of 

Key Benefits

  • Consistent naming provides a stronger image to your customers.
  • Creating a single internet image of your business or household is low cost and easy to do.
  • Your image stays the same even if you change service providers. 


Jon Doe has a small parts business. He uses America Online to access the internet and has a email address of He uses his email to receive messages for both his business and to keep in touch with friends. His web site is at

To provide a better image I provide him with a internet domain name of and configure to go to his AOL website. I also setup an email alias that delivers messages to his AOL email address.

As his business grows he creates a new website at a web hosting company. I change his configuration to point to the new location. His customers see the new web pages when they visit Jon also has obtained a business DSL connection to the internet and has new email addresses available. I change the email alias so messages sent to are now delivered to his new email address.

He can now end his AOL subscription and his customers never know he has changed services.


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