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Today, a large number of people depend on computers in their business or home. If things go wrong, people find themselves in a maze of calls to support hotlines, spending frustrating hours and still unable to fix their problem.

Support organizations do their best to help but often find that the person using the computer canít understand the technical language. This results in frustration for both parties and sometimes, mistakes that make the problem worse.

How much time can you afford to spend trying to solve your technology problems? Let me share an example with you. After five hours on the phone with 1-800 hotlines over two days, a client of mine stated ďIím a lawyer. I donít want to be a computer geek.Ē When she turned to me for help, I was able to resolve the problem in 15 minutes without calling support. Her five hours would have been more productive spent with her clients.

Key Benefits

  • My Knowledge & Experience provides faster resolution to problems. 
  • If a support call is required I can articulate the problem in terms the support technician understands. Resulting in faster analysis of the problem.
  • On-site desktop, server and network support for ordinary problems are scheduled at your convenience. Emergency trouble calls are scheduled at the next available time.

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